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Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 14.09.14
September 15, 2014 11:19 AM PDT
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Musical diversity in abundance this show as Ket is allowed to dig into the Worldwide crates as Alan is away on family business abroad.
Its with sadness that we include a variation of a classic from Joe Sample (R.I.P) and Lalah Hathaway in the first hour and balance it with deeper selections from Gregory Porter, Airto, Brian Jackson, Alejandra Ribera and James Gruntz. We tease with a new cut from the forthcoming Elizabeth Shepherd album and revive compilation and re-released album cut selections from Mycle Wastman, Billy Griffina and Little Dooley. The Inbox got massaged with a new promo from Atjazz Recording Co (with the help of Osunlade)and the first hour finishes with a Marva Whitney inspired edit.
Our Manchester friend Matthew Halsall has had a strong year with his Gondwana Label and his live and DJ appearances, so it was a pleasure to lift a track from one of his new projects, this is followed by one of the best drummers in the world, Eric Harland, followed by some nice cutting from Cold Busted new signing Eddie Shinn. We then go left for new selections from 959er feat Nomi Solo and Maya Jane Coles and Gaps.
Its then back on to the house tip with selections from J Massive, Kasato Dawane & The Russian, Mastergroove feat Orlando Johnson, Jose Vizcaino and to finish A Man Made Marlon.....
If you around the SouthBank, London on Saturday do pop in to Topolski and then its Rootdown UK with Rainer Trueby and next week its all about Deep Into Soul on 27th Sept 2014 and if you need tickets email

Hour One
1. Kentyah, M1, Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band feat Airto & Gregory Porter - Song of the Wind Membran Records 2013
2. Alejandra Ribera - Goodnight Persephone Pheromone Recordings 2014
3. Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway - Street Life GRP Records 1999
4. James Gruntz - City Lights Bakara Music 2014
5. Elizabeth Shepherd - What's Happening Pinwheel Music 2014
6. Mycle Wastman - Last One To Know Unsigned 2013
7. Billy Griffin - Understand Columbia Records 1982
8. Little Dooley - (It's Got To Be) Now Or Never North Bay 1972
9. Alexander Skancke feat. HEwrote - Found My Place (Vinny Villbass Tropical Mix) Eskimo Recordings 2014
10.Martin Iveson - Cobra (An Afefe Iku Offering)Atjazz Records 2014
11.Jerome C - You Better Think (Original Mix) Apersonal Music 2014

Hour Two
1. Mammal Hands - Kandaiki Gondwana Records 2014
2. Eric Harland - Relax GSI Records 2014
3. Eddie Shinn & Quincy Jointz - Boring Cold Busted 2014
4. 959er feat Nomi Solo - Jenny (Original Mix)Sowasvon Musik 2014
5. Maya Jane Coles & Gaps - In Dark, In Day (Original Mix)I/AM/ME 2014
6. J Massive - Across The Sea (Original Mix)Deep Oceon Sounds 2014
7. Kasato Dawane & The Russian - On My Side (Original Mix)PurpleSun Records 2014
8. Mastergroove feat Orlando Johnson – Give It All Up (DJ Lukas Wolf Remix)
Nero Nero Records 2014
9. Jose Vizcaino – Trading Vibes (Original Mix)Looq Records 2014
10.A Man Made Marlon – The 89 Virgo Track 2014

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 07.09.14
September 08, 2014 05:08 PM PDT
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Like the kids going back to school, the Mucho Soul team is re-united for the next term.
In the first hour Ket has taken the more soulful root and uncovered some cool gems from Olivia Quillio,Ben L'Oncle feat Keziaj Jones, Dominique Toney, and Angela Johnson feat Raul Midon,and then goes slightly left with a cool track from Gerald Albrights new offering and then reveals some head nodders from Yellojacket and Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh. Its then forward to the floor tappers and new selections from Jaicko, Lay-Far, Moby feat Skylar Grey and Robot Needs Oil.
Alan's second hour choices also reflect on current hot topics,including Fela Kuti (to conicide with the Find Fela movie release), Rachelle Ferrer and The Kindred Spirit (Southport Heritage 2014 Artists),The Slacksons and Dawn Pemberton (two hot releases)and then a little big of digging to unveil Eddy Senay and Matthew Larkin Cassell.
Not to disappoint the four to the floor lovers, new future rhythms from Alex Niggeman, Kaylow, The Casa Project and Stereo Tone.
We are guesting at Deep Into Soul at P.O.W on Sunday 27th September and very few concession tickets left, so if your interested, email us at

Hour One
1. Olivia Quillio - Easy Killer Bandcamp 2014
2. Ben L'Oncle feat Keziaj Jones - Simply Beautiful Motown 2014
3. Yellowjacket - Grocery Choppin' Cold Busted Records 2014
4. Gerald Albright – The Duke Heads Up 2014
5. Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh (feat. Sho-Tyme) - Lavender Bandcamp 2012
6. Dominique Toney - We Are Bandcamp 2014
7. Angela Johnson feat Raul Midon - I Promise (M.O.N.E.Y)Dome Records 2014
8. Jaicko - Shine (AfroCarib JusVibin Inst.) Just Vibe Records 2014
9. Lay-Far - Feel Like Making Dub Local Talk Records 2014
10.Moby, Skylar Grey - The Last Day (David Mayer Remix) Little Idiot 2014
11.Robot Needs Oil - Kiwis, Apples & Limes (Discodromo Spiritual Remix)
Canal Auditif 2014

Hour Two
1. Fela Kuti & Africa 70- Palm Wine Sound (Afrodisia 1977)
2. The Slacksons - Waiting For The Sun (Bulletproofsonics 2014)
3. Rachelle Ferrell - Don’t Waste Your Time (Somethin’ Else 1990)
4. Dawn Pemberton - Deeper (Do Right Music 2014)
5. Kindred The Family Soul - Everybody’s Hustling (2014)
6. Eddy Senay - Cameo (Sussex 1972)
7. Matthew Larkin Cassell - Heaven (Private Pressing 1977)
8. Alex Niggemann - Earth Symphony (Last Night On Earth 2014)
9. Dj Sonic - Dankie Sonic (Fomp Records 2014)
10.Kaylow - Nothing Better (House Afrika 2014)
11.The CASA Project - I Saw You Moving (Scara In SA Mix) (Liquidistic Vibe 2014)
12. Stereo Tone Ft Mosa - Forever Will (DNH Records 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 31.08.14
September 01, 2014 11:44 PM PDT
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It's a 2 hour Mucho Soul special from DJ A.K.A this week as Ket takes a long well earned rest in Spain. In the first hour Al avoids the big beats with a four four free sixty minute selection featuring some of the best Jazz, Soul and Slow Jam gems from previous shows this year. There's music from the Black Forest from Horst Jankowski, a brilliant stripped down version of the Webster Lewis classic Barbara Ann plus a couple of 2014 Jazz releases from Ross Hillards Magic Number project and Matthew Halsall with The Gondwana Orchestra. There's also a cut form the new Spiritual Jazz Vol 5 package from Jazzman, an all time fave from Don Cunningham and a superb piece of Bass driven soul from Marcus Miller featuring the voice of Raphael Saddiq. Paul Johnsons recent biggie gets a re-spin while cover star Jarrod Lawsons potential soul album of the year is featured once again with Al's fav cut the excellent "Needed". The first hour ends with a cut from Moonchilds Please Rewind set and another re-spin for Andy Compton & Celestines "Kiss From Above".
In the second hour Al takes us deep and on to the dance floor with a solid selection of Deep House and Afro numbers. There's more music from Germany via the Watergate label for Show-B plus recent Innervison releases from Flowers & Sea Creatures and Ian Pooley. A reprise of Vick Lavenders Inspiracion Del Corazon also gets an airing whilst the weeks Afro picks include Rancido, Pascal Morais & Chappell, DJ Whisky, Johnny Miller and Zaki Ibrahim and the recent Kai Alce remix for Sandman Riverside Jeremy Ellis & Ayro. Theres also a slice of Afro RnB from Peter Hadar from 2012 and a sneaky rework of Vikter Duplaix's Manhood from Addesse Version. The show is rounded off with further music from Rancido with Bright Coffee on the Deep Journey mix of Awassa and a Mucho Soul floor filler from Soul Heaven via Cuebur and his brilliant "I See You". Enjoy!

Hour One (Jazz, Soul and Slow Jam Gems)
1. Horst Jankowski Quartett - Speech Craft (MPS 1970)
2. The Piano Choir Ft.Webster Lewis - Barbara Ann(Strata East 1975)
3. Magic Number Ft. Angela Armstrong- Song For Sophia (Numb Records 2014)
4. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Patterns (Gondwana Recs 2014)
5. Chivo Borraro - Half and Half (Jazzman 2014)
6. Don Cunningham Quartet - Tabu (Exclusive Records 1965)
7. Marcus Miller Ft Raphael Saddiq - Boomerang (Telarc Records 2001)
8. Paul Johnson - Better Than this (2000 Black Mix) (Area Boy Music 2014)
9. Jarrod Lawson - Needed (Jarrod Lawson Music 2014)
10. Moonchild - Nobody (Moonchild Music 2014)
11. Andy Compton Ft. Celestine - Kiss From Above (Peng Records 2014)

Hour Two (Deep and Afro House)

1. Show- B - Dem Atmos (Watergate Records 2014)
2. Flowers and Sea Creatures - Overworld (Innervisions 2014)
3. Ian Pooley - Floris (Innervisions 2014)
4. Vick Lavender - Inspiracion Del Corazon (Reprise Mix) (Sophisticado 2014)
5. Rancido Pascal Morais Chappell - Take Our Time (DJ Tipz Dub) (Arrecha Records 2014)
6. DJ Whisky, Johnny Miller Zaki Ibrahim - Lost It All (Whisky with Keys Mix) (Tribe 2014)
7. Adesse Versions - In The Dark (White 2014)
8. Sandman Riverside Jermy Ellis Ayro - Into Your Story (Kai Alce Mix) (Fast Forward 2014)
9. Peter Hadar - Your Body (Bandcamp 2012)
10. Rancido & Bright Coffee - Awassa (Deep Journey Mix) (Deep Journey Records)
11. Cuebur Ft. Vikter Duplaix - I See You (Soul Heaven 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 24.08.14
August 25, 2014 06:30 AM PDT
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The extended weekend brought another typical British Bank Holiday drizzle this week so The Mucho Soul Team dug deep to try and bring some sunshine by way of more audio delights. Ket's first hour includes a forgotten gem from The Main Ingredient before a new jazz take on the classic California Dreamin. He then unleashes an update for Toto's much loved Georgy Porgy from The Vintage Lounge Orch followed by a raft of fresh electronica from Arrigo, BOK, Danny Hay, Benji Candelero and Vincent Kwok. The first hours then rounded off with new music from Tall House for Bronx Cheer and something brand new from 4 Da People.
Al begins the second hour with the original lick that inspired Willis Jackson's Jazz Dance fav Nuthin Like Tutherin with his version of Nat Adderly's Jive Samba. There's also a new track from Snowboys "Good Foot" comp from Etta James and more goodness from Yoruba via Mike Steva featuring Motty & Siobhan. Al's weekly delve into the House box includes newies from King Street for Heather Johnson, a musical excursion from Jihad Muhammad, an upfront cut from Ron Trent's soon come Romantic Flight album and an Anthony Nicholson remix for Glenn Undergrounds Vision. This weeks cover star Oveous Maximus is also featured on the brilliant Soldiers from Atjazz before finishing the show with a couple of Afro House numbers from Rancido and Jonny Millers sought after Suncebeat Edit for Francesco Tristano and Carl Craig. Enjoy.
Hour One with Ket Shah
1. The Main Ingredient - Rolling Down A Mountainside (RCA Victor 1975)
2. Andreas Varady - California Dreamin (Verve 2014)
3. David P. Stevens - For You (Sanctify Music 2014)
4. Vintage Lounge Orch - Georgy Porgy (Boogie Filtered Mix) (d:vision 2014)
5. Arrigo - Losing You (Aurium Recs 2014)
6. BOK - Know Nothing (Madison Square 2014)
7. Danny Hay - Becoming One (Berry Parfait 2014)
8. Benji Candelario & Vincent Kwok - By The Way Of M (Transitori 2014)
9. Bronx Cheer - The Things (Adam Hyjek Remix) (Tall House 2014)
10. 4 Da People - Do It! (Grey City 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Willis Jackson - Jive Samba (Prestige 1964)
2. Etta James - Can’t Shake It (Chess 1964)
3. Mike Steva Ft. Motty & Siobhan - Weekend Love (Yoruba 2014)
4. Jihad Muhammad - Excursions (Movement Soul 2014)
5. Heather Johnson - Love Alive (Frankie Feliciano Mix) (King Street 2014)
6. Ron Trent - YNF (You’ll Never Find) (FVR 2014)
7. Glenn Underground - Vision (Anthony Nicholson Mix) (Strictly Jaz Unit 2009)
8. Atjazz Ft. Oveous - Soldiers (Atjazz Record Co 2014)
9. Rancido (Deep Journey Mix) - Limitless (Deep Journey Recs 2014)
10. Francesco Tristano & Carl Craig - The Melody (Jonny Millers Suncebeat Edit) (Unreleased 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 17.08.14
August 18, 2014 09:44 AM PDT
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Another selection of upfront, cutting edge soulful beats courtesy of Ket and Al as they deliver a further installment of their popular Mucho Soul show. Ket's first hour includes new music of the neo soul variety from Gwendolyn Collins, Zanye and Thyladomid Ft. Mâhfoud. There's also some electronica out of Germany from Anton Ishutin plus some Soulful House from Ralf Gum and Portia Monique and fresh flavas from Dance Spirit, Mr Boogie and DJ Ceez & Munkjulius Ft. Steph Staa. Ket then rounds off the first hour with a Dutch delight from Alvaro Smart and his new biggie Illusion from the Material Series label.
In the second hour Al kicks things off with some swinging big band Jazz from Buddy Rich and a classic sunset rare groove vibe from Pleasure plus the underplayed retake of Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me from Quincy Jones, Mary J Blige and friends. Theres also some 7” soul bizniz from Elliot Macauley before Al delves into the latest Afro House releases including Rudo Deep, Jonny Miller Featuring Tellaman, Angelic Demon and another winner from the DJ Fudge, Hallex M and Omar combination. This weeks show is neatly tied up with a couple of soulful numbers from Souldynamic and a great new “Frankie Knuckles Tribute Remix” for Artful Ridney & Terry Walkers revet floor filler Missing You. Enjoy!

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Gwendolyn Collins - Beautiful Fantasy (Independent Harmony 2014)
2. Zanye - Crazy Love (Soundthought 2014)
3. Thyladomid Ft. Mâhfoud - The Real Thing (Diynamic Music 2014)
4. Anton Ishutin Ft. Leusin - Sincerity (Lars Moston Mix) (Deer Deer 2014)
5. Ralf Gum Ft. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) (GOGO Music (2014)
6. Dance Spirit - Insight (Fred P Reshape) (Supernature 2014)
7. Mr. Boogie & Wily Hard Ft. Darian Crouse – Round & Round (Soulful Evolution 2014)
8. DJ Ceez & Munkjulius Ft. Steph Staa - Pray (Sounds Of All Records 2014)
9. Alvaro Smart - Illusion (Material Series 2014)

Hour Two With D.J A.K.A (Alan Kenny Arscott)
1. Buddy Rich - Willowcrest (Pacific Jazz 1967)
2. Pleasure - Sasafras Girl (Fantasy 1977)
3. Mary J. Blige, Alfredo Rodriguez, Quincy Jones & Q-Tip - Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me (Qwest 2010)
4. Elliot Macauley - Mamas Baby Boy (Soul Junction 2014)
5. Rudo Deep - The Announcement (D-Malice Deep Expression Mix) (DM Recordings. 2014)
6. Jonny Miller Ft. Tellaman - Keep On (Jonny’s Dream Dub) (Tribe 2014)
7. DJ Fudge, Hallex M & Omar - Ding Ding (Makin Moves 2014)
8. Angelic Demon (SA) - Alahkhadri Maumau (Soul Snare-Chaz 2014)
9. StereotikSoul & MalukaDJ - 21 Jump Street (Afro Rebel Music 2013)
10. Souldynamic, Ft. Miranda Nicole - Trust (Mix 2) (Tribe 2014)
11. Artful, Ridney Ft. Terri Walker - Missing You (Tribute to Frankie Knuckles Mix) (Extra Dry 2014)

Mucho Soul Back2Back FM Suncebeat 5 Review Special 10.08.14
August 11, 2014 04:17 AM PDT
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This week the Mucho Soul team present their much anticipated and popular Suncébeat 2014 Review Show! To help pick through some of the musical highlights at this years festival held in Tisno, Croatia, Al & Ket invite Suncébeat 2014 debutant Ben Brophy into the studio to serve up two hours of pure Adriatic Sunshine Goodness!
In the first hour the boys drop choice picks from Gavin Kendrick, Kev Beadle and everyones dance floor favourite Osunlade. There’s also musical treats from the boat parties via a couple of Rich Medina and Ronnie Herel selections plus an unreleased HHA edit from Martin Lodge, a Soul Stage selection from Dean Sunshine Smith rounding off the first hour with Beach Stage picks from Ben Brophy and Steve Butler. The second hour takes a slightly deeper twyst via new exclusive tracks from Martin Atjazz and more from Osunlade including the spoken word poetry piece that stopped everyone in their tracks at Barbarellas from Oveous Maximus. There’s also some big fav stand out cuts from the notorious South African Sessions boat party featuring Jonny Miller, Culoe De Song, Black Coffee and Julian Gomes and a couple of bullets from Craig Smith And Ron Trent that flew from the Soul Stage during the Altered States “Ron Tent” session plus a whole lot more!
If you went to Suncébeat this year or simply wanna hear why so many now consider Suncébeat the number one Soulful Dance and House Music festival in the world today, download our podcast now for your essential listening pleasure!

Hour One
1. Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper - Saudade do Santos (RVNG Intl. 2014)
As played by Gavin Kendrick Saturday Afternoon On The Beach Stage
2. B.J Smith - Prototype (NuNorthern Soul 2014)
As played by Kevin Beadle Friday Afternoon On The Mind Fluid Boat Party
3. Jazzy Jeff Featuring Erro - Rock With You (Yoruba Soul Dub) (BBE Records 2010)
As played by Osunlade during the Altered States “Ron Tent” session Sunday Afternoon
4. Nadirah Shakoor - Tree Of Life (Yoruba Records 2012)
As played by Osunlade at Barbarellas Sunday morning
5. Mirande Nicole - Dance Like You Been There (Unreleased Exclusive)
As played by Osunlade on the Beach Stage, during the Altered States “Ron Tent” Session and at Barbarellas
6. Ahmed Sirour Ft. The Fatback Band & Faith Evans - Love Wicki Like This (Bandcamp 2012)
As Played By Ronnie Herel on The Picnic Boat Monday Afternoon
7. La Famille - All Night Long (Sanity Records 1983)
As Played By Rich Medina during The Finale Beach Stage Set Tuesday Evening
8. Boogaloo Assassins - No No No (Fania Records 2013)
As played by Rich Medina on The Mind Fluid Boat Party Friday Afternoon
6. Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto (Dimitri From Paris “Inna disco” Mix) (Warner 2013)
As played By Dean Sunshine Smith on The Soul Stage on Saturday night
7. Terry Hunter Ft. Jay Adams - We Are One (The HHA Edit) (Unreleased 2014)
As played by Martin Lodge on the Beach Stage Sunday evening
9. Audiowhores - No Honey (Deep Vibe Mix) (Toolroom 2014)
As played by Steve Butler on the Beach Stage Sunday evening
10. Heavyhandz - Light Is New (Deeper Shades Recordings 2014)
As played by Ben Brophy on the Beach Stage Thursday evening

Hour TWO
1. Horace Silver - Enchantment (The Atjazz RE-Roll Mix) (Unreleased 2014)
As played by Martin Atjazz on the Picnic Boat and Beach Stage Monday afternoon/evening
2. Oveous Maximus - iPoem (Digital Humans) (Unreleased 2014)
As played by Osunlade at Barbarellas and The Altered States “Ron Tent” session
3. Heavy K - The Gun Song (BBE 2013)
As played by Osunlade on the Beach Stage, The Altered States “Ron Tent” session and at Barbarellas
4. Kentphonik - Sunday Showers (Soul Candi Blue 2007)
As played by Johnny Miller on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
4. Louie Vega Ft Axel Tosca - Sunlight (Vega Records 2014)
As played by Ron Trent during The Altered States “Ron Tent” session and Barbarellas
5. Frederick - Over You (Fifty Fathoms Deep 2014)
As played by Craig Smith during the Altered States “Ron Tent” Session Sunday Afternoon.
6. Martin Iveson - To Many (Less Than Ten 2014)
As played by Julian Gomes on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
7. P.M Project, D-Malice - Sounds Of Soul (Soul Candi 2014)
As played by Culoe De Song on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
8. Black Coffee Ft. Bucie - Superman (Soulistic Music 2010)
As played by Black Coffee on The South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
9. Karizma - Twyst this (R2 Records 2012)
As played by Julian Gomes on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party sat eve

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 03.08.14
August 03, 2014 11:49 PM PDT
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After a short break in Croatia the team return to broadcasting duties and bring forth lots of duty free goodies.
Alan is busy preparing the Suncebeat 5 Review to coincide with the Deep InTo Soul Suncebeat Re-Union taking place on Sunday 10th August 2014 at the Prince of Wales Terrace, so Ket is let loose for two hours.
In the first hour we have soulful grooves from Bobby Womack, Leela James, Mark Dorricot & Vocalatti, The Valentine Bros (thanks Ernie McKonne)and Mojoba which then leads into some jazzy releases from The Shaolin Afronaughts, Volta Cab, Aneesa Stings,Redmo, Sean Kham feat Omar and Abu Ashley and finsihing with a brilliant edit from Bendix Mihle.
In the second hour its time to go left and deep with selections from 5 Reasons feat Patrick Baker, Sasha Barbot A.C feat Sananda Maitreya (aka Terence Trent Darby), Farfan, Esa & Mervin Granger, Mauro Mondello, Una,
Alexkid & Alejandro Vivanco, Adriatique and Give In
Hope you enjoy the selections!!!

Hour One
1. Bobby Womack – The Look Of Love (Warner Bros 1973)
2. Leela James (feat Anthony Hamilton) – Say That (BMG 2014)
3. Mark Dorricott & Vocalatti - Back To Nature (Mark Dorricott Records 2014)
4. Valentine Bros - Taste Of Your Love (Boogie Back Records 2013)
5. Mojoba - Say You Will (Polydor Records 1977)
6. The Shaolin Afronauts - Abyssinian Suite, Pt. 3 (Freestyle Records 2014)
7. Volta Cab - Oasis Dub (Original Mix)(Sex Panda White 2014)
8. Aneesa Strings - Simpin'(Aneesa Strings Records 2014)
9. Redmo - Sadi Soul (Felt Tip Records 2014)
10. Abu Ashley - Asmaa (Original Mix)(Parka Records 2014)
11. Sean Khan feat Omar - Don't Let The Sun Go Down (4Hero Main Mix)(Far Out Records 2014)
12. Bendix Mihle - Dont Hold Back (Original Mix)(Sound Exhibitions (ITA) 2014)

Hour Two
1. 5 Reasons, Patrick Baker - Tales Of Love (Glen Check Remix)(Palm Off 2014)
2. Sasha Barbot A.C feat Sananda Maitreya - Deep Da (Sunset Mix)(Treehouse Publishing 2014)
3. Farfan - Pull Your G-String (Jon Billick Remix)(Whoever Records 2014)
4. Esa & Mervin Granger - Visum (Africaine 808 Remix)(Nsyde Music 2014)
5. Mauro Mondello - Child In Time (Original Mix)(Tiger Records 2014)
6. Una – We Are Lonely (Charles Webster Main Remix)(Cool Jewel Records 2014)
7. Alexkid & Alejandro Vivanco – Get Ready (Original Mix)(Wrong State Recordings 2014)
8. Adriatique – Space Knights (Original Mix)(CityFox Records 2014)
9. Give In - Saw Palmetto (Beati Paoli Remix)(Rock It Science Labs 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 20.07.14
July 21, 2014 02:08 PM PDT
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The last show before the Mucho Soul team head off to Tisno Croatia for the big Suncébeat 5 festival and its another two hours packed with sunshine soul and new beats galore! Kets hour begins with our cover star Al Jarreau and a track from his new George Duke tribute album. He follows this with freshness from the likes of Clara Moto, Mark Meadows and Giovanni Damico and some new deep house from Amsterdam for Chopstick & Johnjon. Theres also a new track from Andy Caldwell and more new beats from Omid 16b, Natural Rhythm and Tatsama before finishing the first hour with even more new music from our good friend Lay-Far via his remix for Darko Kustura. In the second hour Al drops some classic esoteric 70's funk from Hubert Eaves plus a remix from the new Ahmed Sirour Instrumentals 2 project. Theres a new track from King Britts latest Fhloston Paradigm album and a great rearrangement of Aretha's classic Say A Little Prayer from Janette Mason and The London Community Gospel Choirs Vula Malinga. The new John Morales Motown Club remix collection also gets a spin with a great rework of a Teena Marie classic before Al rounds things off with a string of new House and Afro numbers including new material from Rancido & Pascal Morais remixed by DJ Tipz, P.M Project & D-Malice, Two 4 Soul from Tony Humphries label, Heston before rounding things off with something new from Louie Vega and his Elements Of Life.
With Al & Ket in Croatia next week there'll be a short broadcasting break for the boys but they will return in a couple of weeks time with the annual live Suncébeat review show... Watch this space! and for those going to Suncébeat, see ya'll in the sun!

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Al Jarreau - No Rhyme, No Reason (Concord Music 2014)
2. Clara Moto - In My Dream (Vendredi Remix) (Infine Music 2014)
3. Mark Meadows - Get Lost (Mark Meadows 2014)
4. Giovanni Damico - Its Alright (Artful Division 2014)
5. Chopstick & Johnjon - Run Slowly (Quarion Remix) (Deep House Amsterdam 2014)
6. Andy Caldwell Ft. Lisa Donnelly - Melody Like A Drum (Incorrect Music 2014)
7. Omid 16B Ft Aless - Free (Alola Records 2014)
8. Natural Rhythm Ft. Royden Vigilance - Hunger (Dave Allison Mix) (Natural Rhythm 2014)
9. Tatsama - Wanderlust (Soledrifter Remix) (Good Stuff 2014)
10. Darko Kustura - Light Years (Lay-Far Remix) (What's In The Box 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott
1. Hubert Eaves - Call To Awareness (Inner City 1979)
2. Ahmed Sirour - Foreplaying (Remix) (Bandcamp 2014)
3. Fhloston Paradigm - Light On Edge (Hyperdub 2014)
4. Janette Mason Ft. Vula Malinga - I say A Little Prayer (Fireball 2014)
5. Teena Marie- I Need Your Loving (John Morales Edit) (Island 2014)
6. Two 4 Soul Ft Chelsea Como - I want You (Tony Records 2014)
7. Rancido & Pascal Morais Ft. Chappel - Take Our Time (Arrecha Recs 2014)
8. P.M Project, D-Malice - Sounds Of Soul (Soul Candi 2014)
9. Heston - Resign 2 U (Reel People Records 2014)
10. Elements Of Life & Anane - You Came Into My Life (Honeycomb Mix) (Vega Records 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 13.07.14
July 14, 2014 09:43 AM PDT
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A busy weekend for the Mucho Soul Team with their Sunday Supplement World Cup Special and a guest spot for Al at Open Dex but that didn't stop them from dropping into the studio to broadcast another 2 hours of Mucho goodness! Kets hour begins on a Jazzy tip with some retro Jap Jazz from The Toshiki Nunokawa Project from 1998 followed by a brand new release from Virtus Sound for AbsurdNation. Theres also a track from the new Leela James album plus new beats from the likes of Baldo, Ivaylo & Slammer and Meklit and a new cut via Atjazz Recs for a new project who call themselves Sygaire. The Los Charly's Orchestra come strong with Everlasting Love featuring Juan Layla before Hardsoul round things off nicely with a John Lundun Remix from Tribe. In the second hour Al begins with a tribute to the late great flautist Paul Horn who sadly passed away last week and there's also some top notch authentic Brasilia from Marcos Valle and EW&F with a rare etended version of the All n All interlude cut Brazilian Rhyme. A couple of two step soul get a spin for Jesse Gomez and Marcia Hines with her 7" rerelease of the rare and indemand You Gotta Let Go. The house selections from Al include a new Afro House number from Stones & Bones plus heavy hitters from MCDE and Boo Williams. Josh Milan comes strong with a lovely remix for Stephanie Cooke on King St. before the show is all wrapped up with a new up and coming release from Matthew Dekay. Enjoy.
Hour One With Ket Shah
1. Toshiki Nunokawa Project - Tokusoutai (Toshiba-EMI 1998)
2. AbsurdNation - Run (Virtus Sound 2014)
3. Meklit - Waiting For Earthquakes (Six Degrees 2014)
4. Leela James - Stay With Me (BMG 2014)
5. 4004 & Sebastien Vorhaus - Speak (Quintessentials 2014)
6. Baldo - You Are My (JD Recs 2014)
7. Ivaylo & Slammer Ft. Renate - Guide (Bogota Recs 2014 )
8. Sygaire - Dschumm (Enzo Neukolln Boulevard Remix) (Atjazz Recs 2014)
9. Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Ft. Los Charly's Orchestra - Everlasting Love (Imagenes 2014)
10. Hardsoul, Simon Grey, Mitch Crown - All There Is (John Lundun Remix) (Tribe 2014)

Hour Two With Alan Kenny Arscott
1. Paul Horn - Cleopatra’s Palace Music (Columbia 1963)
2. Marcos Valle - On Line (Far Out 2001)
3. Jesse Gomez - Lace (Outta Sight 2014)
4. Earth Wind & Fire - Brazilian Rhyme (Ext) (Wicked Jazz Sounds 2008)
5. Marcia Hines - You Gotta Let Go (Mukatsuka Recs 2014)
6. Stones & Bones Ft. K-Modi - Heaven (Khaya Lyf 2014)
7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 5 (Recloose Remix) (MCDE 2014)
8. Boo Williams - Pleasant Dreams (Chiwax 2014)
9. Stephanie Cooke - Sweetest Thing (Honeycomb Mix) (King Street 2014)
10. Matthew Dekay - Fangtango (Maeve Recs 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 06.07.14
July 08, 2014 04:36 AM PDT
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Ket and Al return from The Southern Soul Festival in Montenegro with two hours of inspired Soulful Selections to satisfy your Summer Sunday afternoon via another addition of their ever popular Mucho Soul Show. Kets first hour includes an all new line up with cuts from Liam Bailey, Shalosh and AOS featuring Clover Ray and a new release from King Records for J&K. There's also some Future Classic bizniz from Chet Faker and Deep Tech from Dan Noel plus something from Yam Who's brilliant label ISM for disco outfit Oddysey before finishing the first hour with some Ruff Stuff from NJH.
Al then grabs the baton for the second lap by paying tribute to the late great Bobby Womack who passed away recently, with a timeless cut from his seminal soul classic The Poet album. The rest of Al's hour consists of selections heard at The Southern Sould Festival. There's cut's from SSF live acts Andrew Ashong, Omar and Hex plus down tempo beach choices from BJ Smith and Gregory Porter. Gilles Peterson's Sonziera project also gets an airing via a brand new stunning 4 Hero mix for "The Mystery Of Man" before tying things up nicely with War's Jazz Dance fav Flying Machine, some Footwork action from Theo Parrish and Glenn Underground fav "You Are Love" dropped by Rick Wilhite during the Beach Bar finalé. Enjoy!

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Liam Bailey - Sail With Ease (Sony 2014 )
2. AOS feat Clover Ray – Reflections (AOS Independent 2014)
3. Shalosh – Jerusalem State Of Mind ( 2014)
4. J&K – Walking In The Sunshine (King Records 2014)
5. Vanessa Perea - Tenderley (Zoho Music 2014)
6. Chet Faker - 1998 (Future Classic 2014)
7. Oddysey - He's Coming Back (ISM 2014)
8. Dan Noel - Jour De Neige (Deep Tech 2014)
9. Emanuel Satie - All The Lights (Get Physical 2014)
10. Ruff Stuff - NJH (Kolour 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (D.J A.K.A)
1. Bobby Womack - Where Do We Go From Here (Beverly Glen Music 1984)
2. Hex - Suite For The Visionary (Blue Note Japan 2014)
3. B.J Smith - Hey Ya (NuNorthern Soul 2014)
4. Andrew Ashong - Special (Which Way Recs 2014)
5. Omar Ft. Erykah Badu - Be Thankful (Naive 2000)
6. Gregory Porter - Musical Genocide (St Germain Mix) (Blue Note 2014)
7. Sonzeira - The Mystery Of Man (4 Hero Mix) (Talkin Loud 2014)
8. War - Flying Machine (United Artists 1978)
9. Theo Parrish - Footwork (Sound Signature 2014)
10. Glenn Underground - You Are Love (Strictly Jaz Unit 2013)

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