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Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 14.12.14
December 13, 2014 11:06 AM PST
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Three weeks left of the year and the boys continue to serve up fresh platters that matter, long lost forgotten gems and soulful classics plus a best of 2014 - The Jazz selections as played on The Mucho Soul Show from Al in hour two.
Ket's choices at the front of hour one include new music from To Be Frank, Anna Leman and Angelique Sabrina plus a dig in the archives for Crystal Winds, Tony Silvester and Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis before rounding things off with a string of newies from Brian Kooken, Walking Shadow, Gregor Weinberg, Art Of Tones and Dan Jamez. In hour two Al begins a three week Mucho Soul review of 2014 focusing this week on his Jazz tinged Selections from the past twelve months. These include Martin Atjazz re-mixing the late great Horace Silver, Woodland Conclave, Matthew Halsall and a lovely Manhattan Transfer re-work from Adam Scrimshire featuring Bobby McFerrin and Jon Hendricks. There's also re-spins for the much in demand 4 Hero mix of Sonziera's Mystery Of Man plus The Slacksons, Magic Number, Theo Croker featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater and Moonchild before finishing with his favourite track of the year from THE album of 2014 from Jarrod Lawson. Tune in next week for Al's best of Mucho Soul The Soul selections. Enjoy.

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Crystal Winds - Signs Of Winter's Time (Cash Ear Records 1982)
2. To Be Frank - Let It Go (Solebay Music 2015)
3. Anna Leman - Poor Boy (Timezone Records 2014)
4. Angelique Sabrina - Right Now (White Ocean Entertainment 2014)
5. Tony Silvester & The New Ingredient - Verry White (Mercury Music 1976)
6. Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - You're Gonna Get Next To Me (Club Mix)
(Claridge 1976)
7. Brian Kooken - Sarah's Samba (CD Baby 2014)
8. Walking Shadow - Without You (Original Mix)(Dessous Recordings 2014)
9. Gregor Weinberg - Fluffy (Original Mix)(Wolkenshub Audio 2014)
10. Art Of Tones - So Worried (Original Mix))(Shadeleaf Records 2014)
11. Dan Jamez - Profluent (Original Mix)(Colors Of Soul Recordings 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
Ten of the best - Mucho Soul The Jazz Selections 2014
1. Horace Silver - Enchantment (Atjazz Re-Roll) (Unreleased 2014)
2. Woodland Conclave - Celebration Of Live (Song For Simon) (Infracom 2014)
3. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orch - Patterns (Gondwana 2014)
4. Manhattan Transfer - Manhattan Night (Scrimshire Remix) (Wha Dublate 2014)
5. Sonziera - The Mystery Of Man (4 Hero Mix) (Talkin Loud 2014)
6. The Slacksons Ft. Jay Wilcox - Waiting For The Sun (Bulletproofsonics 2014)
7. Magic Number Ft. Angela Armstrong - Song For Sophia (Numb 2014)
8. Theo Croker Ft Dee Dee Bridgewater - I Can't Help It (Okeh 2014)
9. Moonchild - Nobody (Moonchild 2014)
10. Jarrod Lawson - Needed (Jarrod Lawson 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 07.12.14
December 07, 2014 09:36 AM PST
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The Mucho Soul team advent calender had reached day 7, and there was plenty of musical action behind all the open windows.
In the first hour, Ket takes a small step back in time, to remember classic tracks from the Whispers and this weeks cover star the wonderful Jill Scott. Al Kent gets busy on a new vinyl release from the Far Out Disco Orchestra and then the pedal is pressed down to return to the current day and introduce new talent in the shape of Elderbrook, Shirma Rouse, Formix, Jonbjorn, Ceo Basso, Boogie Filtered and Dee Green.
Al's second hour starts with a bit of Modal madness and electronic bizniz with music from Elvin Jones, The Johnny Scott Quintett and Melanie Di Bassio. Its then time to sample a fresh batch of house delights from Sandra St Victor, Mirana Nicole, Chris Burns, Jamie 326 & Denise Henderson, Groove Addix, Louis Benedetti, Glenn Underground rounding things up nicely with the much in demand killer In Time from Ron Trent ft Tkumah Sadeek. Go easy on the mince pies and champagne and enjoy the show!

Hour One
1. Elderbrook - Rewinding (Black Butter Records 2014)
2. Jill Scott - He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)(Hidden Beach) 2000)
3. Whispers - (Lets Go) All The Way (Solar Records 1978)
4. Shirma Rouse - L-O-V-E (Shirma Rouse Music 2014)
5. Formix - Funky Brenda (Blacksoul Music 2014)
6. Far Out Disco Orchestra - Keep Believing (Al Kent edit)
(Far Out 2014)
7. Jonbjorn - All The Way (Junktion Remix) (DeepWit Recordings 2014)
8. Ceo Basso - People In The Hop (Andante Music 2014)
9. Boogie Filtered - To Be My Friend (SoundPerSecond Records 2014)
10. Dee Green - Dixon Shuttle (Technoid Recordings 2014)

Hour Two
1. Elvin Jones - A Lullaby Of Itsugo Village (Enja Records 1994)
2. The Johnny Scott Quintet - Folk Tune (Fontana 1970)
3. Melanie De Biasio - The Flow (HEX Remix) (PIAS 2014)
4. Sandra St Victor - Eternal (QB Mix) (Warm Days 2014)
5. Miranda Nicole - Dance Like You Been Here (NDATL Muzik 2014).
6. Chris Burns, Jamie 326 & Denise Henderson - Say (Boddhi Satva Remix) (Quantize 2014)
7. Groove Addix - Black Paw (Tribal Mix) (Nite Grooves 2014)
8. Louis Benedetti Ft. Selan - Surrender (Soulshine 2014)
9. Glenn Underground - Time and Space (Strictly Jaz Unit 2014)
10. Ron Trent Ft Tkumah Sadeek - In Time (Future Visions 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 30.11.14
November 29, 2014 04:05 AM PST
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On the final day of November 2014, the Mucho Soul team gets things warmed up in time for one of the most exciting dates of the 2014 clubbing calender with both A Night In Paradise and Another Afternoon at Dingwalls taking place later the same day in London. In Ket's first hour we have new tracks from Deb Silver, Joe Buhdha featuring Terri Walker and Tricycle, followed by cover versions from Valerie MacCarthy and The Jean Chaudron Trio, Franck McComb, Karen Souza, Jorge Montiel with Juan Laya and Randy Crawford and Joe Sample. Jazz is represented by The Simeon Shterev Quartet and Julia Zipprick before Ket unleashes a couple of new house bits from Pepe Rivera featuring Illegal Lizard and Blondish with Shawni. Alan's second hour dives straight into the Jazz deep end with a 1973 Prestige cut from Art Blakey followed by a stunning cover version of Seawind's Free from Da Lata featuring this weeks cover star Vanessa Freeman and something new via Mad Matts Local Talk label via Crackazat. With the big Night In Paradise event happening in South London, Al takes the opportunity to dig out a couple of personal Larry Levan Disco favs in the form of Crown Heights Affair and Grey & Hanks and then joins the obvious dot to House with the final Ibadan classic and a brand new release from S.A.T In readiness for the big Ibadan Party taking place later this week at Pulse.
Finally there's a couple of upfront promos to finish with from Lovebirds & Syncopix and Mobi Dixon featuring Msaki. Enjoy!!
Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Deb Silver – Love Asylum (Deborah Silver Records 2014)
2. Valerie MacCarthy & Jean Chaudron Trio – Use Me (Jean Chaudron Music 2014)
3. Tricycle – Jo 2 (Tricycle 2014)
4. Frank McComb – Golden Lady (Expansion 2006)
5. Joe Buhdha Ft. Terri Walker – Caught Up (Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 2014)
6. Karen Souza - Dreams (Music Brokers 2014)
7. Stardust – Music Sounds Better (Jorge Montiel and Juan Laya Re-Work)(Imagenes 2014)
8. Randy Crawford & Joe Sample – Feelin Good (Warner Bros 2006)
9. Simeon Shterev Quartet – Sunbeam (Balkanton Records 1978)
10. Julia Zipprick - Caravan (Bei Mons 2014)
11. Pepe Rivera, Illegal Lizard - Calling You (I Records 2014)
12. Blondish Ft. Shawni - Wizard Of Love (Rebirth 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Art Blakey - Anthenagain (Prestige 1973)
2. Da Lata Ft. Vanessa Freeman - Free (Agogo 2014)
3. Crackazat - Somewhere Else (AD Bourke Bittersweet Version) (Local Talk 2014)
4. Crown Heights Affair - Dreaming A Dream (Delite 1975)
5. Grey & Hanks - Dancin (RCA Victor 1978)
6. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc - Sandcastles (Ibadan 2003)
7. S.A.T (Sydenham, Aybee & Trent) - The Gate (Ibadan 2014)
8. Lovebirds Syncopix - Soul Conversation (Teardrop Music 2014)
9. Mobi Dixon Ft. Msaki - Love Colour Spin (Dj Tea Bossanova Mix) (Soul Candi 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 23.11.14
November 22, 2014 01:36 PM PST
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The Mucho Soul team get busy again on a Sunday afternoon and provide solace with beautiful and inspirational vibes for two hours.
Ket's first hour is heavily laden with Soulful female vocals and carefully programmed electronic house rhythms, including album cuts from Rumer, Tammy Payne, Mr President, Morgan James, Therese Ulvan, Dara Tucker, Zac Love and Rochelle Jordan. The South Africans and Europeans don't disappoint with new tracks from Acoustic Fellaz feat Sam De DJ, Mr G, Closed Curtains and there's a Roy Ayers transformation from Franck Roger.

Alan's second hour takes us down an alternative route with quality jazz from the sixties from Gabor Szabo, its then fast forward to the new beat makers Miles Bonny and DJ Day and their interpretaion of Raphael Sadiq's Skyy Can You Feel Me. Respect is paid to the loss of Jimmy Ruffin, who has left us with a brilliant legacy of music and James Brown who is currently being projected on to the big screen with both the Documentary 'Mr Dynamite' and the the Biopic 'Get On Up'. It's then time to applaud new talent from around the globe with their inspirational rhythmic melodies..... Pablo Fierro, Joe Clausell, Sean Ali feat Sheree Hicks, Tracey Hamlin, Steve Paradise & D.D Klain and finally Ron Trent...

Hour One
1. Rumer - You Just Don't Know People (Atlantic Records 2014)
2. Tammy Payne - Talk To Me Instead (Ninety and Nine Record 2014)
3. Mr President - South Street Walk (Favorite Recordings 2014)
4. Morgan James - Hunter (Epic 2014)
5. Dara Tucker - Time Is On Our Side (Watchman 2014)
6. Therese Ulvan - Monkey See (CD Baby 2014)
7. Zac Love - Lend Me An Ear (Cold Busted 2014)
8. Rochelle Jordan - Ease Your Mind (Music Today 2014)
9. Acoustic Fellaz Ft. Sam De DJ - Soulful People (KbzMusiq 2014)
10. Mr. G - Mac (Daddy) R.I.P (Hurting Dub)(Phoenix G 2014)
11. Closed Curtains - Hangover Friday (Phat Elephant 2014)
12. Roy Ayers - Come To Me (Franck Roger Mix) (BBE 2007)

Hour Two
1. Gabor Szabo - Spellbinder (Impulse 1966)
2. Miles Bonny and DJ Day - Skyy Can You (Melting Pot Music 2009)
3. Jimmy Ruffin - Gonna Give Her All the Love I’ve Got (Tamla Motown 1966)
4. James Brown and the JB’s - King Heroin (Polydor 1972)
5. Pablo Fiero - Nights in Harlem (Elevation Recordings 2010)
6. Joe Claussell - Spiritual Insurrection (Ibadan 1999)
7. Sheree Hicks, Sean Ali, EL - Back Together (Sounds Of Ali 2014)
8. Tracy Hamlin - Free (Dj Spen & Thommy Davis Piano Dub) (Quantize 2014)
9. Steve Paradise & D.D Klain - Days In This House (Rocco Deep Mix) (Uno Mas 2014)
10. Ron Trent - 7th Heaven (Tribute To Frankie Knuckles) (Electric Blue 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 16.11.14
November 10, 2014 10:07 AM PST
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The wet cold November weather may be upon us but quality grooves spur on the Mucho Soul team to stoke the fire and bring more warmth. In the first hour Ket continue's to unravel smooth and sophisticated down tempo rhythms from around the world, with selections from Australia's Rob Snarski, Ben L'Oncle Soul from France, Belgium's Sofie, Canada's Heatwave, Norway's Monica Ifejilika and Italy's JazzyFunk, Ket then returns to the new school electronica with future classics from Anthony Hamilton, Soul Minority, Secret Soul, South Africa's Jazuelle plus Harry Wolfman & Skinny Love and Mannmademusic Ft. Kali.
Alan's second hour kick's off with Roy Hayne's Jazz dancefloor killer Quiet Fire a big big tune first heard dropped by one of Al's favourite all time DJ's Paul Murphy who popped over this weekend for Perry Louis monthly Shiftless Shuffle session at Trapeze in London. This is promptly followed by new school jazzers Resolution 88 with a fresh Herbie soundalike cut from their Press Play EP. It's then Paradise Garage disco time and a huge Larry Levan fav from John Gibbs and The U.S. Steel Orch pulled from the new Soul Jazz Disco collection to co-incide with their excellent new Disco book. This is followed by new Afro style house from Louie Vega & Luisito Quintero, Atjazz, Julian Gomes & Bucie and Jonny Miller & D-Malice.
Leading up to the big Ibadan party in London in December the shelves are seached once again and a classic from Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham remixed by Innervisions 'Ame' is remembered. Finally to round off another packed show there are new bullets from Glenn Undeground, Few Nolder and more music from the new Miguel Migs album featuring this weeks cover star Meshell Ndegeocello. Enjoy!!!!

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Rob Snarski - Engine Driver (Bandcamp 2014)
2. Ben L'Oncle Soul - Feeling Good (Verve Records 2014)
3. Sofie (Ft. Toots Thielemans) - Montreux (September Records /HKM 2014)
4. HeatWave (Ft. Edgar Penwork) - Maturity (Independant 2014)
5. Monica Ifejilika - Fall All Over Again (Daworks 2014)
6. Anthony Hamilton – Comin' From Where I'm From (JazzyFunk Remix) (So So Def 2003)
7. Sade - Flow (Bas Amro Edit) (Epic Records 1999)
8. Soul Minority - Further (Secret Souls Remix) (Kolour Recordings 2014)
9. Jazzuelle - Belverdere Cafe (Atjazz Records 2015)
10. Harry Wolfman & Skinny Love - Celebre (Kickflip Mike Remix) (House Of Disco 2014)
11. Mannmademusic Ft. Kali - Rough Times (ShadeLeaf Music 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Roy Haynes - Quiet Fire (Galaxy 1977)
2. Resolution 88 - Caughtus Interuptus (Synthethesia Records 2014)
3. John Gibbs and The U.S. Steel Orch - Trinidad (Jumbo Caribbean Disco 1978)
4. Louie Vega & Luisito Quintero - El Yunque (Ritual Mix) (Vega Recs 2014)
5. Atjazz, Julian Gomes & Bucie - Out Of My Life (Atjazz Recs 2014)
6. Jonny Miller & D-Malice - Savannah (DM Recordings 2014)
7. Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham - Timbuktu (Âme Original Mix) (Ibadan 2006)
8. Glenn Undeground - My Life (Ricardo Miranda Dub) (Makin Moves 2014)
9. Few Nolder - Clouds (Boso Reversion) (BOSO 2014)
10. Miguel Miggs Ft. Meshell Ndegeocello - What Do You Want (Soul Heaven 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 09.11.14
November 08, 2014 11:33 AM PST
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As the cold Winter breeze begins to bite Ket & Al bring the heat with another two hours of Soulful tuneage and Mucho deepness to delight and defrost! In the first hour Ket comes strong kicking off with a new version of the classic Nature Boy from Letizia Brugnoli. There's also new music from Theopilus London featuring this weeks cover star Leon Ware and a new collaboration from Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw to warm the heart and feet before Ket lets loose with The Cadets, Domestic Technology, Alison Marks, Adrian Rivero and Sante & Forrest before rounding things off with Asvajit and a Mihai Popoviciu remix for Phonique & Acumen.
Al returns to the studio for the second hour refreshed and revitalised after a weeks break with new music aplenty! Beginning with a superb Jazz 12 minute epic from the new Infra Com Jazznotjazz comp via Woodland Conclave Al then follows that up with a classic Raul Midon number to tie in with his London live gig this week. Moonchild's The Truth gets another airing to co-incide with it's inclusion on the latest Brownswood Bubblers set and thers a cut from Portia Moniques debut solo album and a great vocal cameo from Zara McFarlane on QB's Hot Mix for Pete Simpson and Daminjo. This weeks Ibadan classic comes from Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham and theres a trio of deep and afro house treats from Sophisticado, Ristretto and Studio92 records. Enjoy!

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Letizia Brugnoli - Nature Boy (Simpaty Records 2014)
2. Theophilus London feat Leon Ware - Water Me (Warner Bros 2014)
3. Miguel Migs feat Lisa Shaw - Give Me Somethin (Soul Heaven Records 2014)
4. The Cadets - What We Are Made Of (Here & Now Recordings 2014)
5. Domestic Technology - Sunset Madness (Macarize Records 2014)
6. Alison Marks - Mama (Rebirth Records 2014)
7. Sante & Forrest - Waiting (Avotre Records 2014)
8. Adrian Rivero - Opening Doors (Drop Essentials 2014)
9. Asvajit - Strange Journey (Maktub Music 2014)
10. Phonique & Acumen feat Boot Slap - The Moment (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
(Dessous Recordings 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Woodland Conclave - Celebration Of Live (Song For Simon) (Infracom 2014)
2. Raul Midon - State Of Mind (Manhattan Records 2005)
3. Moonchild - The Truth (Moonchild Music 2014)
4. Portia Monique - Grace (Reel People Reprse) (Reel People Recs 2014)
5. Dalminjo, Pete Simpson & Zara McFarlane - If This World Were Mine (QB's Hot Mix) (Limestone Recs 2014)
6. Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler - Winters Blessing (Ibadan 2003)
7. Leandro p & Deepcon Soul - Jazz U Up (Sophisticado Fusion Dub) (Sophisticado 2014)
8. Moon Rocket - Slave To Time (Ristretto Music 2014)
9. Long Deep M & Tshego JT - Celebration (Studio92 Recs 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 02.11.14
November 02, 2014 01:05 PM PST
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As one half of the Mucho Soul team extends his birthday celebrations in to the weekend, its left to Ket to bring his Mysterious vibes to the airwaves and to this podcast...Well it was Halloween weekend!!!!
In the first hour we have musical delights from all over the world including Dawm Pemberton (USA), Debra Debs (UK), Lou Rawls (USA), Fulgeance & DJ Scientist (UK), DJ General Slam (RSA), Sousplace (IND), Kele (USA), Steffan Linck (GER), Robert Reinartz (UK), AftrofTonez (GER),Maura Hope (NL).
In the second hour its time to go deep in all music genres. We begin with an american crooner Myles Hayes who re-invents thes Charlie and The Chocolate Factory classic, followed by serious saxophony from Gato Barbieri and Doug Richardson and a clever edit from Alkalino.
Leftfield then steps forward in the shape of David Douglas & Petter Carlsen and Taylor McFerrin who is touring shortly and will be at GP WW Awards in January 2015. Its then deep grooves from Kaylow, Figo Da Dopeboy, Mihai Popoviciu and Andres Lima.
Hope you enjoy!!! (Alan's back next week)

Mucho Soul Radio Show 021114

Hour One
1. Dawn Pemberton – For You Do Right! Music 2014
2. Debra Debs – Chasing Dreams Debra Debs Records 2011
3. Lou Rawls - Not The Staying Kind PIR 1977
4. Fulgeance & DJ Scientist - Caucasian Wolf Dance First Word Records 2014
5. DJ General Slam - Trouble Soul (Original Mix) Gentle Soul 2014
6. Soulspace - Jayeta Wind Horse Records 2014
7. Kele - First Impressions Lilac Records 2014
8. Steffen Linck - Sticks & Stones (Sascha Kloeber Bootmix) Boy's Deep 2014
9. Robert Reinartz - Tearz (Original Mix)Freche Früchte 2014
10.Artoftonez - Late Night Shift (Original Mix) Glovel Records 2014
11.Maura Hope - Ordinary (Kevin Yost Remix)i Records 2014

Hour Two
1. Myles Hayes - Pure Imagination Myles Hayes Records 2014
2. Gato Barbieri - Fireflies A&M Records 1976
3. Doug Richardson - Aphrodesia AVI Records 1977
4. Alkalino - Stretch Me Out (Original Mix) Audaz 2013
5. David Douglas & Petter Carlsen – Sweet Moonflower (Sau Poler remix)
Atomnation Records 2014
6. Taylor McFerrin (Feat. RYAT) - Place In My Heart Brainfeeder 2014
7. Kaylow - Close My Eyes House Afrika 2014
8. Figo Da Dopeboy - Massive Deep (Sam De DJ Remix) KBZ Musiq 2014
9. Mihai Popoviciu - If There Is (Original Mix) Highgrade 2011
10.Andres Lima - Electronics (Original Mix) P21 Records 2014

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 26.10.14
October 27, 2014 12:03 PM PDT
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The Mucho Soul team have taken advantage of the exra hour gained from the clocks going back and have prepared a fun packed two hours of listening pleasure in readiness for your ghoulish activities at the end of the week for Halloween.

Ket's back on a Soulful tip again and steers us through recently discovered old tracks from Luther Ingram, 702, Rachelle Ferrelle and through fresh recordings from Emma Donovan and Calvin Richardson.
Nu Disco is a current buzz word, so two new hot pieces from Leebo Freeman and an exclusive unreleased edit from Quincy Jointz and then back on to the electronic side with selections from Boral Kibil, Huxley and Audiojack.

Alan's second hour begins with forthcoming freshness from Gerardo Frisina and its then time to recollect on the live acts and DJ's that represented at the Southport Heritage Weekender.
Musical rareties and underplayed delight follow from Steps, Bobby Sheen, Rob Mullins, Lonnie Liston Smith and Sabryna Child, plus Kindred The Family Soul (in London next month), Danny Krivits edit of an Incognito classic and big love as always for Kid Fonque (Atjazz Stable) and Siji getting loved up by Osulande under his Yoruba moniker.....
Enjoy the ride!!!

Mucho Soul Radio Show 26.10.14

Hour One
1. Luther Ingram – Ain’t That Lovin You (I've Been Here All The Time) Koko Records 1972
2. 702 - Certified Motown Records 2003
3. Emma Donovan & The PutBacks - Dawn HopeStreet Recordings 2014
4. Rachelle Ferrell - I Gotta Go Capitol Records 2000
5. Calvin Richardson - Home in a Minute Jordan House Records 2014
6. Leebo Freeman - Hot Ways (Original Mix) ISM Records 2014
7. Selection - Rebel On The Run (Quincy Jointz & Shaddy edit) Full Time Records 1982
8. Boral Kibil - Anka (Mahmut Orhan Remix) Rikodisco Records 2014
9. Huxley - Reassign AUS Music 2014
10.Audiojack - Jacob's Ladder (Original Mix) Systematic Records 2014

Hour Two
1. Gerardo Frisina - Selvatico (Schema 2014)
2. Steps - Bullet Train (Better Days 1981)

3. Lonnie Liston Smith - Speak About It (Columbia 1980)
4. Rob Mullins - Samba (RMC Records 1985)

5. Incognito - The Road (Danny Krivit Edit) (Ibadan 2003)
6. Bobby Sheen - Something New To Do (Warner Brothers 1972)
7. Sabryna Chyld - Be My King (Soundcloud 2011)
8. Kindred The Family Soul - Far Away (Hidden Beach 2003)
9. Kid Fonque Ft Nia Andrews - What I Do (Atjazz Recordings 2014)
10. Siji - Children of the Sun (Yoruba Soul remix) (Bandcamp 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 19.10.14
October 21, 2014 11:58 PM PDT
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The Mucho Soul boys were up at the big Southport Heritage Wknd this week but before departing they left us with a pre-recorded two hour soulful selection of upfront beats and more platters that matter. Ket's first hour includes new music from Rigmore Gutafsson and Kim Waters with guest vocals from Eric Roberson and theres a new fresh Dubbin remix for Imaginations classic crossover hit "Body Talk". Chaka Khans "What You Did" from the Naughty album also gets the re-edit treatment from JM before Ket hits us with a handful of heavy hitters from Handmade, Freerange, Needwant and Peppermint Jam finishing his hour with a lovely Jimpster remix for GTO and S-Man. In The second hour Alan drops another track from the Star performer at The Southport Heritage Wkndr Rachelle Ferrell taken from her stunning Japanese debut album from 1990. This is followed by a largely overlooked track from Freddie Hubbards 1970's material for Columbia and a triplet of Northern Soul sevens to co-incide with the release this week of Elaine Constantines much acclaimed movie. Al continues his weekly delve into the Ibadan back catalogue, celebrating 20 years of the label with a lovely accoustic piece from Ten City and then gives us some Raul Midon to tie in with his visit to London next month. The show is rounded off with three from the deep end via Culoe De Song for Innervisions, The Deep Africans for BGK and a great Rhemi remix for Makin Moves.
Don't forget, you can win a pair of tickets for Raul Midons London show at Under The Bridge taking place on Fri Nov 7th by answering the question in Al's second hour and send your answer along with the answer to last weeks question together with your name and your guests name to
Good luck and enjoy the show!
Competition now closed, Congratulations to Jan Whalley

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Rigmore Gustafsson Ft. Dalasinfonietta – Forget About The Midnight (ACT 2014)
2. Kim Waters Ft. Eric Roberson – Laying Beside Me (Red River Ent 2014)
3. Imagination – Body Talk (Night Dubbin Remix) (ISM Records 2014)
4. Chaka Khan - What You Did (JM Edit) (KAT 2014)
5. Ato Rodriguez - Greg Chicago (Handmade Recs 2014)
6. Hyenah Ft. Aquarius Heaven - Tale From The Dirt (Freerange 2014)
7. Vimes - Celestial (Gardens Of God Remix) (Needwant 2014)
8. Chew Fu Ft. Steve Clisby - Purple Rain (Mousse T Mix) (Peppermint Jam 2014)
9. GTO, S-Man - 2 Close (Jimpster Remix) (Undr The Radr 2014)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Rachelle Ferrell - Prayer Dance (Somethin’ Else 1990)
2. Freddie Hubbard - Neo Terra (Columbia 1976)
3. Ann Sexton - You’ve Been Gone To Long (Impel 1971)
4. Seven Souls - I Still Love You (Okeh 1967)
5. The Five Stairsteps & Cubie - Stay Close To Me (Curtom 1968)
6. Ten City - Nothings Changed (Acroostic Mix) (Ibadan 1996)
7. Raul Midon - Sunshine (Sacred Rhythm Mix) (Vega 2008)
8. Deep88 - 100% Kamelhaar (12Records 2012)
9. Culoe De Song Ft. Busie Mhlongo - Webaba (Innervisions 2010)
10. Deep Africans - Soul Projection (BGK Records 2014)
11. Gianluca Pighi, M.Paramour, Ahmad Larnes - Come With Me (Rhemi Mix) (Makin Moves 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2BackFM Sunday 12.10.14
October 14, 2014 02:47 PM PDT
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The Mucho Soul team provide the necessary fuel to warm the soul as the weather suddenly turns wet and cold.
In the first hour Ket introduces some of his favourite new album cuts from Rob E Smith, Zac Love, Herb Albert, Raul Midon, The Baker Brothers, Noel Gourdin, plus a couple of older choices from the Legendary Trammps and Franck McComb. There's up-front promo's a-plenty to finish the first hour with selections from Hamza & Audio Units, Ganga Ft. Vanessa Daou, Alex Barck & Jonatan Backelie and Club Squisito.
In the second hour, Alan continues his support for the new skool with album cuts from Theo Croker Ft Dee Dee Bridgewater, Farnell Newton Ft. Jarrod Lawson and then shares his appreciation of some of his favourite labels including Far-Out, G.A.M.M, Yoruba, Ibadan, DM and Vega with selections from the likes of Sean Khan Ft. Omar, D’Ray, Jonny Miller & D-Malice featuring this weeks cover star Sabrina Chyld, Drala, Toto Chiavetta, Elements Of Life Ft Anane, Noel Nanton endong the show nicely with Josh Milan & Chieko Kinbara.

Competition Time: Now Closed
We have two tickets for Raul Midon at Under The Bridge on Friday Nov 7th up for grabs. Question One: Raul Midon made the track 'Mi Amigo Cubano' from his latest album after a phone call from which famous Soul Singer?
For Question Two you'll have to listen in to next weeks show!

Please email both answers along with your name with the subject Raul Midon Competition to
Good Luck

Mucho Soul Show 12.10.14
Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Rob E Thomas - Make It With You (Regal Records 2014)
2. Zac Love – Vibe On This Cold (Busted Records 2014)
3. Herb Albert – Don’t Cry Shout! (Factory 2014)
4. Raul Midon – Mi Amigo Cubano (Mack Avenue 2014)
5. The Baker Brothers – Love Atonement (Fish Legs 2014)
6. Noel Gourdin - Foxxxy (Top Notch Music 2014)
7. The Trammps - I Know That Feeling (Philly Int 1975)
8. Frank McComb - Wishful Thinking (Boobeescoot Music 2010)
9. Club Squisito - Nothing In A World, Pt. 2 (Radio-Line 2014)
10. Alex Barck & Jonatan Backelie - We Get High (Kalabrese Remix)(Sonar Kollektiv 2014)
11. Hamza & Audio Units - Chez Guru (Spirit Catcher Remix) (Wind Horse 2014)
12. Ganga feat. Vanessa Daou – Late Into The Night (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix)(KIDD Records 2014)

Hour Two With Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Theo Croker Ft Dee Dee Bridgewater - I Can’t Help It (Okeh Records 2014)
2. Farnell Newton Ft. Jarrod Lawson - Everything Is Clear (Farnell Newton Music 2011)

3. Sean Khan Ft. Omar - Don’t Let The Sun Go Down (4 Hero Mix) (Far Out 2014)
4. D’Ray -Here We Pie Again (El Barrio Recipe) (Gamm Records 2014)
5. Jonny Miller & D-Malice Ft. Sabrina Chyld - Let It Grow (DM Recordings)
6. Drala - datFREAKY (Yoruba Records 2014)
7. Toto Chiavetta - Become One (Jerome Sydenham’s Special Edit) (Ibadan 2014)

8. Elements Of Life Ft Anane - You Came Into My Life (Artistic Soul Remix) (Vega Records 2014)

9. Noel Nanton - Everlasting (Principios De La Vida Mix) (DNH 2014)
10.Josh Milan & Chieko Kinbara - Just Like Love (Vega Records 2014)

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