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Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 12.04.15
April 13, 2015 03:31 PM PDT
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On the back of a busy weekend partying in London The Mucho Soul boys return with a further broadcast of upfront quality and soulful selections.
In the first hour Ket digs deep and discovers an array of talent destined for big things in 2015, with selections from Randy Roberts & The Capitol Strokes, Ben Williams feat Goapele, Luka, Stella Levitt, Omar, Saun & Starr and Cameo Culture. It's then time to step up the pace with new unearthed betas from Lex Cop feat Michael O, Sobz, Claes Rosen, and Rico Cassaza.

In the second hour Alan's weekly jazz choice comes from The Dudley Moore Trio and the classic Amalgam which he follows with this weeks cover star the London based US vocalist Brendan Reilly and his superb slice of soul Higher that slipped under the radar at the end of last year. The last forty five minutes consists of a half term House report as Al selects and mixes up a batch of his fav deep and afro house numbers from the year so far. These include cuts from J.Axel, Sheldon So Goode, Vince Watson, Rephlex Ft Lady Lee, Frederick, Johnny Miller and Lastee, Sina The Producer, Deeper Phil and Given K and Nteeze & Andy. Enjoy!

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Luka - This Will Be a Good Night (Timezone 2015)
2. Ben Williams Ft. Goapele - Voice of Freedom (Concord 2015)
3. Stella Levitt - Note So High (Heavenly Sweetness 2013)
4. Randy Roberts & The Capital Strokes - The Sound Of Love (GoodFellas 2015)
5. Omar - Get It Together (Ether Music 2006)
6. Saun & Starr - Big Wheel (Daptone 2015)
7. Cameo Culture - Told You So (Wolf and Lamb 2015)
8. Sobz - African Dream (Soul O Music 2014)
9. Flex Cop Ft. Michael O - Domino (Bunny Tiger 2015)
10. Claes Rosen - Wonderful (HNNY Edit) (Local Talk 2015)
11. Rico Casazza - Lovetrip (Sinnmusik 2015)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Dudley Moore - Amalgam (Decca 1969)
2. Brendan Reilly - Higher (Brendan Reilly 2014)
3. J.Axel - Piano Madness (Do It Now 2015)
4. Sina The Producer - Visions (Smooth Agent 2015)
5. Deeper Phil & Given K - Tree Of Life (Rebirth EP DNH 2015)
6. Johnny Miller Ft Lastee - Believe (The Producer Soul Candi 2015)
7. Nteeze & Andy - The Melody (Deeper Shades 2015)
8. Rephlex Ft Lady Lee - Story Of My Life (Fomp 2015)
9. Vince Watson - Eminescence (Yoruba 2015)
10. Frederick - Eyes Closed (Fifty Fathoms Deep 2015)
11. Sheldon So Goode - Where U R (Makin Moves 2015)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 05.04.15
April 07, 2015 02:32 PM PDT
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The Mucho Soul team joined forces again on this Easter weekend and come forth with sweet like chocolate delicacies in the form of fresh grooves.
In the first hour Ket keeps the tempo slow and sleazy with joints from Jonathan Jeremiah, Barb Jungr & Michael Parker, Steve ''Miggedy'' Maestro, Arturo Serra and The Cookers Quintet, then steps up with a new vocal ditty from Dutch Masters Kraak & Smaak feat Keyhole. It's then time for some new electronica and house from Loz Goddard and Nils Ohrmann and the final stretch is left for the new edits of some underground classics from Sandy Barber and Johnny Taylor.

In the second hour, Alan fresh from the white powder of the Andorran mountains, steps forward with a future jazz classic from Harold Mabern Ft. Gregory Porter, and follows with a Pat Metheney masterpiece before heading into the Bandcamp direction to uncover something brand new from Bill Laurence. It's then time to step up the rhythm with selections from Jaidene Veda Ft. Josh Milan, Siji, Chasing Kurt, Claude-9, Morupisi & Caysoul Muziq and another remix for our good friend Alex Lay-Far from Afro producer D Malice. The show ends with something new via King Street from Namy Featuring Stephanie Cooke. Enjoy the short week!

First Hour with Ket Shah
1. Barb Jungr & Michael Parker - What's The Point (Kristalyn Records 1987)
2. Jonathan Jeremiah - Walking On Air (BMG Records 2015)
3. Steve ''Miggedy'' Maestro - Late Night Groove (MMP Records 2015)
4. Arturo Serra - Reminder Blues (NewSteps Records 2015)
5. The Cookers Quintet - Sheriff (Do Right! Music 2015)
6. Kraak & Smaak feat Keyhole - All I Want Is You (Boogie Angst 2015)
7. Nils Ohrmann - Take It Easy (Arms & Legs 2015)
8. Loz Goddard - Keep On Goin' (Original Mix)(Large Music 2015)
9. Sandy Barber - I Think I'll Do Some Steppin On My Own (Opolopo Rework)
(Olde World Records (USA / BBE UK) 1978 / 2015)
10. Johnnie Taylor - The Users (Alkalino Shotgun Re-edit)
(Columbia Records (USA)/Audaz (GER) 1979 / 2015)

Second Hour with D.J A.K.A (Alan Kenny Arscott)
1. Harold Mabern Ft. Gregory Porter - Afro Blue (Smoke Session 2015)
2. Pat Metheny Group - To The End Of The World (Geffen Records 1995)
3. Bill Laurence - U-Bahn (Bandcamp 2015)
4. Jaidene Veda Ft. Josh Milan - Beautiful (Bandcamp 2015).
5. Siji - Children Of The Sun (Ivy Records 2014)
6. Chasing Kurt - Running, Searching (Michael Gracioppo Remix) (Innervisions 2015)
7. Claude-9, Morupisi & Caysoul Muziq - Tears Of A Broken Child (Broken Inst) (HiFi Stories 2015)
8. Gabriele Poso - Invocation (Yoruba Soul Mix) (Agogo Music 2015)
9. Lay-Far - A Little Faith (D Malices Afro Expression Mix) (In Betwean Records 2015)
10. Namy Featuring Stephanie Cooke - I’m Not Ashamed (I Need You) DJ Fudge Mix (King Street)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 29.03.15
March 29, 2015 10:42 PM PDT
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The final show in March and it was down to the Mucho Soul team to soothe those tired feet and hangovers as it seemed the whole world had planned to go out with a bang!
The first hour is saturated in smoothness and quality gems including tracks from Columbia Nights, Carlo Alberto, Sheree Brown, Monophonics, Cy Gorman, Kenya and this weeks cover star Boz Scaggs. Shout to Ralph Tee and the Expansion records team for getting two tracks in to our first hour this week too! It was then time to go a little electronic with selections from Kidro, Vincenzo feat Pete Josef, Coeo, Dallomo, Chris Schambacher and finishing with Lauhaus.
In the second hour there was time to squeeze in two jazzy joints from Nils Wulker feat. Xavier Naidoo and Ferry Ultra before we went seriously deep into soul territory with selections from Lonya, Tony Soul, Kiko Navarro, Those Boys feat Mr Lee and Charles Caliber.
Hopefully this will keep you tied over till easter and dont forget next Sunday Mucho Soul will be live at the Southern Soul Festival Warm Up Party in Hackney Wick! Enjoy!

Hour One
1. Columbia Nights - Wait a While (BBE Records 2015)
2. Boz Scaggs - I'll Be Long Gone (Atlantic Records 1969)
3. Carlo Alberto Di Micco - Love Is a Losing Game (Carlo Alberto Music 2015)
4. Sheree Brown - Your Love Lifts Me Higher (Expansion 2015)
5. Monophonics - Like Yesterday (Colemine 2014)
6. Cy Gorman - RDJ (Daniel Crawford Remix)(Heard and Felt 2015)
7. Kenya - Wednesday Girl (Daz I Kue Remix)(Expansion 2015)
8. Kidro - Circles (Original Mix)(Twilight 2015)
9. Vincenzo Ft. Pete Josef - In The Dark (AnjunaDeep Recs 2014)
10. Coeo - Closer (Lay-Far Remix)(Lagaffe Tales 2015)
11. Dallomo - Geppo (Hermine Records 2015)
12. Chris Schambacher - Arise (Unrivaled Music 2015)
13. Lauhaus - Better Beer (Danse Club Records 2015)

Hour Two
1. Nils Wulker (Ft. Xavier Naidoo) - I Just Want To Play (Warner 2015)
2. Ferry Ultra - Jazzinezz (Peppermint Jam 2015)
3. Lonya - Iron Door (Geist Remix)(Parquet Recs 2015)
4. Tony Soul - Lets Go (Blade Deep & 4matiq Spirit of The Lotus Dub)(JusVibe Records 2015)
5. Kiko Navarro - Nea Kameni (Glenn Underground Mix)(Local Talk 2015)
6. Dj Chef - Drums of Africa (DNH Records 2015)
7. Neter Supreme - Music Is Everything (Universal Energy Mix Vox)
(Khali Recordings 2014)
8. Those Boys ft Mr Lee - Proud & Free (Do It Now 2014)
9. Charles Caliber - The Feeling (Groove Centric Records 2014)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 22.03.15
March 23, 2015 01:28 PM PDT
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With the dust settling on the news about Southport Weekender,the hispsters heading off for parties in the mountains (including Alan) and a lot of us getting over the Brussels blues, it was down to the Mucho Soul team to deliver spring freshness and comfort.

Ket was given two hours to spread his wings and showcase a lot of quality gems from George Jackson & Dan Greer, Jarrod Lawson (live at Ronnie Scotts), Silje Nergaard, Jamaram & Acoustic Nightmares, Frameworks (new album released on 230315)and it was a smooth transition in to the electronic freshness of Bluedepth, Bred For Pleasure feat Aaron Soul, Emanuel Satie, Axelle Roch,Gregory Porter and Arthur Oskan.

The second hour started jazzy as per Alan's formula and a true gem from the The Piano Choir to coincide with the Strata East event at the Barbican on Sunday 220315 (gutted to have missed) and then nujazz from Refraction, Skydrive Trio and Duduka Da Fonseca Trio. It was then time for newness from Ilija Rudman, Jesper Ryom, Dennis Cruz feat Yamil, Cazuma & Andreas, J Dovy and Crazy P.
It's a different bag and we hope you enjoy!!!

Hour One
1. George Jackson & Dan Greer – Nothing Can Touch My Love For You
(Kent Records 2015)
2. Jarrod Lawson feat Tahirah Memoy – Where Will We Go (Live)(2014)
3. Silje Nergaard – The Leaving (Sony Music 2015)
4. Jamaram & Acoustic Nightmares – Uripi (Turban Records 2015)
5. Frameworks – Breathing Light (First Word Records 2015)
6. Bluedepth - Liquid Dreams (Dephtone Records 2015)
7. Bred For Pleasure feat Aaron Soul - Better Than This (Larry Heard Vocal Mix)(Lower East Records 2015)
8. Emanuel Satie - All Things Go (Original Mix)(Gruuv 2015)
9. Axelle Roch - Warms (Original Mix)(Monet Records 2015)
10. Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix)(Decca 2015)
11. Arthur Oskan - Today (Original Mix)(CityFox Records 2015)

Hour Two
1. The Piano Choir - Barbara Ann (Strata East 1975)
2. Refraction - A Rare Colour (RareColour Records 2015)
3. Skydive Trio - Bravo (HubroMusic 2015)
4. Duduka Da Fonseca Trio - Jive Samba (ZMR-Zoho Music 2015)
5. Ilija Rudman - Just Remember (KAT Records 2015)
6. Jesper Ryom - Deep Blues (Session Victim remix)(Délicieuse Records 2015)
7. Dennis Cruz feat Yamil - You & Me (Original Mix)(King Street Sounds 2015)
8. Cazuma & Andreas - Bird (Atjazz Records 2015)
9. J Dovy - Zero Soul (Original Mix)(Raw Matter Recordings 2015)
10. Crazy P - Clouds (Original Mix)(Defected Records 2015)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 15.03.15
March 18, 2015 07:34 AM PDT
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The Mucho Soul boys were away this weekend for some European dates in Brussels Belgium, but before they left they pre-recorded a little in-studio sevens from heaven special! Every track on this weeks show comes courtesy of a seven inch slab of vinyl from the Mucho Soul archives. So sit back and enjoy as Ket and Al go digging in the sevens crates!

Hour One
1. Stevie Wonder - Creepin (Motown 1977)
2. Earth Wind & Fire - Star (CBS 1979)
3. Moments And Whatnauts - Girls Pt II (Stang 1974)
4. Kim Weston - Goodness Gracious (Stax 1976)
5. Lamont Dozier -Breakin All Over (ABC 1973)
6. Bob James - Westchester Lady (CTI 1976)
7. John Handy - Young Enough to Dream (Impulse 1976)
8. Brass Construction - Music Makes You Feel Like Dancing (United Artists 1979)
9. Fat Larry’s Band - Get Down Get Funky (WMOT 1982)
10. The Believers - Across The Track (Brownstone 1971)
11. The Rhythm Makers - Prime Cut (Vigor 1975)
12. Willie Bobo - Always There (CBS 1978)
13. Instant Funk - Wide World of Sports (Salsoul 1978)
14. Undisputed Truth - Lets Go Down To The Disco (Whitfield 1976)
15. Stargard - Which Way Is Up (MCA 1977)
16. The Impressions - I'll Always Be Here (Curtom 1973)
17. Players Association - We Got The Groove (Vanguard 1980)

Hour Two
1. Jimmy McGriff - All About My Girl (Sue 1962)
2. Buddy Rich - The Beat Goes On (Blue Note 1998)
3. Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce (Verve 1965)
4. Jimmy Castor - Hey, Leroy, Your Mama's Callin' You (Smash 1966)
5. Luther Ingram - Oh Baby Don’t You Weep (Kent Select 2008)
6. The Mob - I Dig Everything About You (Colossus 1970)
7. Jeff Perry - Love Don’t Come No Stronger (Arista 1975)
8. The Seven Souls - I Still Love You (Okeh 1967)
9. Bobby Bland - These Hands (Small But Mighty) (Vocalion 1965)
10. Debra Johnson - To Get Love You’ve Got To Bring Love (Kent 2003)
11. Jackie Wilson - Be Sincere (Brunswick 1967)
12. Barbara Acklin - Someone Else's Arms (Brunswick 1970)
13. Shirley Brown - I Don’t Play That (Soundtown 1984)
14. Bobby Caldwell - Down For The Third Time (Cloud 1979)
15. Johnny Bristol - You and I (MGM 1974)
16. G.C Cameron - Live For Love (Soul Brother 2014)
17. Rene Geyer - Be There In The Morning (Athens of the North 2015)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 08.03.15
March 10, 2015 04:37 AM PDT
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With Springtime 2015 now in full effect The Mucho Soul team bring even more heat and soulful sunshine with another two hours of Mucho goodness to warm the heart, spirit and mind! Kets first hour includes new music from Saun & Starr, Rhonda Thomas and some delightful Disco from Leo de la Rosal plus a dip into the back catalogue for Hannah Francis and The Chi-Lites to tie in with their visit earlier this week to the UK. There's further new beats towards the end of the first hour as Ket spins Luc Angenehm, Me, Mr Jones and Junktion's latinesque Monologue before rounding things off with a triple treat including Salut 80's "Old Jazzy Man", SBRO and something brand new from Norm De Plume.
Al's second hour begins with one of The Southern Soul Festival's headliners this year - Matthew Halsall and his superb rendition of Alice Coltranes Blue Nile. This is followed by a wonderful Lonnie Liston Smith tribute from Vince Watson and a classic cut from our cover star Jon Lucien from his superb Minds Eye album. Alex Lay-Far's remix project is also highlighted with the Atjazz remix of Stand Up featuring Pete Simpson, while Ziggy Funk gives us a great piece of two step jazz bizniz. There's yet further new material from the Yoruba "Only To Survive The Diaspora" collection before Al goes deep into Afro territory with new releases from Mobi Dixon for Soul Candi, Afriqan Child and Platinum Mindz not forgetting a great piece of 21st century deep house via Pete Oakdens brand new Frederick project release Eyes Closed from Fifty Fathoms Deep. Enjoy!
Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Saun & Starr’s - Look Closer (Daptone 2015)
2. Chi-Lites - Runnin' Around (Private I Records 1984)
3. Hannah Francis - Let Me Love You (2Step 2011)
4. Rhonda Thomas - Show Me How To Love You (Ropeadope 2015)
5. Leo de la Rosal Ft. Regina - Camino del Sol (Publimáster Disco 2014)
6. Luc Angenehm - Mademoiselle (Solid Shape 2015)
7. Me, Mr Jones - River Man (Mondo Tunes 2015) (The Mix Sounds 2015)
9. Junktion - Monologue (Slow Town 2015)
10. Salut 80, A-Police - Old Jazzy Man (Kolour 2015)
11. SBRO - Queens, NY. (Loopsize Remix) (Proof Recs 2015)
12. Norm De Plume - Roll On (Plumage 2015)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Blue Nile (Gondwana 2015)
2. Vince Watson - A Moment With Lonnie (Yoruba 2015)
3. Jon Lucien - When The Morning Comes (RCA 1974)
4. Lay-Far Ft. Pete Simpson - Stand Up (Atjazz Remix) (In-Beat-Ween Music 2015)
5. Ziggy Funk - J.A Double Z (CDR 2015)
6. Osunlade - Blue Is The New Green (Yoruba 2015)
7. Mobi Dixon Ft. MP Native - Sivuleleni (Soul Candi 2015)
8. Afriqan ChildD Ft. Semi Brieve - Ever Heard (Under Pressure 2015)
9. Frederick - Eyes Closed (Fifty Fathoms Deep)
10. Platinum Mindz Ft. Man P - Take Control (Yoshi Fumi Inst)(DNH 2015)

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 03.03.15
March 03, 2015 04:50 AM PST
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With March now upon us the Mucho Soul boys step up to the plate with a little more spring in thier step this week with over twenty of this weeks selections all fresh of the presses of 2015! Ket's first hour features some great new jazz from Jackie Terrason and something from the Jarrod Lawson Maida Vale session project from Dome. There's also new cuts from Ben Cox with Emil Dankworth, Q Dot, Nancy Danino and a track taken from The Artisans album from CD Baby. Aloe Blacc & Choosey then pop up with an appearance on Fashawns new release and there's some brand new Hip Hop bizniz courtesy of Akua Naru taken from her new album. Ket then throws down some fine four-four by way of Iron Curtis, Corrado Bucci and Nantais & Hazendock before ending his first hour with the brand new Blade Deep presentation for JustVibe's release from Delura featuring Liezl.
Al's second hour kicks off with timeless Jazz Funk from The Blackbyrds followed by our cover star Vick Lavender's Havana which appears on his new Architect album from Sophisticado. He then drops a new track from Andy Comptons Rurals project and the big current soulful floor filling belter via Reel People from Chokolate. Sonar Pilots EP gets an airing with the Back Slash Mix of Snakes & Ladders before Al dives head first into the deep end with some melodic, cerebal, future house from Vince Watson, Lars Behrenroth and J Axel. He ends the show with some gorgeous Afro from Marie Tweek & Peter Middlton and Josh Milans superb collaboration with Louie Vega's Elements Of Life Project and his Honeycomb mix of Live your Life For Today. Enjoy!

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Jackie Terrason – Take 5 (Impulse 2015)
2. Jarrod Lawson – When Will You Call (Dome 2015)
3. Ben Cox with Emil Dankworth – This Happy Madness (Cinnamon 2015)
4. Nancy Danino - My First Day Without You (Yebo 2015)
5. Q Dot - Soul Clap (Tre'dmarks Music 2015)
6. The Artisans - My Heart (CD Baby 2015)
7. Fashawn Ft. Aloe Blacc & Choosey - It's a Good Thing (Appeal 2015)
8. Akua Naru - The Flight (Jakarta Records 2015)
9. Iron Curtis - Lasga's Return (Hudd Traxx 2015)
10. Corrado Bucci - Open Your Eyes (Rebirth 2014)
11. Nantais & Hazendonk - At The Centre There Is time (Stripped Recs 2015)
12. Blade Deep Presents Delura Ft. Liezl - Perfectly (JusVibe 2015)

Hour Two with Alan Kenny Arscott (DJ A.K.A)
1. The Blackbyrds - Blackbyrds Theme (Fantasy 1974)
2. Vick Lavender - Havana (Chasing Spirits) (Sophisticado 2015)
3. The Rurals Ft Rogiers - One More Day (Peng 2015)
4. Chokolate - Wide Open (Reel People Mix) (Reel People Music 2015)
5. Sonarpilot - Snakes & Ladders (Jumping Back Slash Mix) (Sonarpilot 2015)
6. Vince Watson - Eminescence (Yoruba 2015)
7. Lars Behrenroth - Kord (Deeper Shades 2015)
8. J Axel - Piano Madness (Do It Now 2015)
9. Marie Tweek & Peter Middlton - Beautiful You (G’s Deeper Groove Remix) (Think House 2015)
10. Elements Of Life Ft Josh Milan - Live your Life For Today (Honeycomb Mix) (Vega Recs 2015)

Mucho Soul Back2Back FM Suncebeat 5 Review Special 10.08.14
August 11, 2014 04:17 AM PDT
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This week the Mucho Soul team present their much anticipated and popular Suncébeat 2014 Review Show! To help pick through some of the musical highlights at this years festival held in Tisno, Croatia, Al & Ket invite Suncébeat 2014 debutant Ben Brophy into the studio to serve up two hours of pure Adriatic Sunshine Goodness!
In the first hour the boys drop choice picks from Gavin Kendrick, Kev Beadle and everyones dance floor favourite Osunlade. There’s also musical treats from the boat parties via a couple of Rich Medina and Ronnie Herel selections plus an unreleased HHA edit from Martin Lodge, a Soul Stage selection from Dean Sunshine Smith rounding off the first hour with Beach Stage picks from Ben Brophy and Steve Butler. The second hour takes a slightly deeper twyst via new exclusive tracks from Martin Atjazz and more from Osunlade including the spoken word poetry piece that stopped everyone in their tracks at Barbarellas from Oveous Maximus. There’s also some big fav stand out cuts from the notorious South African Sessions boat party featuring Jonny Miller, Culoe De Song, Black Coffee and Julian Gomes and a couple of bullets from Craig Smith And Ron Trent that flew from the Soul Stage during the Altered States “Ron Tent” session plus a whole lot more!
If you went to Suncébeat this year or simply wanna hear why so many now consider Suncébeat the number one Soulful Dance and House Music festival in the world today, download our podcast now for your essential listening pleasure!

Hour One
1. Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper - Saudade do Santos (RVNG Intl. 2014)
As played by Gavin Kendrick Saturday Afternoon On The Beach Stage
2. B.J Smith - Prototype (NuNorthern Soul 2014)
As played by Kevin Beadle Friday Afternoon On The Mind Fluid Boat Party
3. Jazzy Jeff Featuring Erro - Rock With You (Yoruba Soul Dub) (BBE Records 2010)
As played by Osunlade during the Altered States “Ron Tent” session Sunday Afternoon
4. Nadirah Shakoor - Tree Of Life (Yoruba Records 2012)
As played by Osunlade at Barbarellas Sunday morning
5. Mirande Nicole - Dance Like You Been There (Unreleased Exclusive)
As played by Osunlade on the Beach Stage, during the Altered States “Ron Tent” Session and at Barbarellas
6. Ahmed Sirour Ft. The Fatback Band & Faith Evans - Love Wicki Like This (Bandcamp 2012)
As Played By Ronnie Herel on The Picnic Boat Monday Afternoon
7. La Famille - All Night Long (Sanity Records 1983)
As Played By Rich Medina during The Finale Beach Stage Set Tuesday Evening
8. Boogaloo Assassins - No No No (Fania Records 2013)
As played by Rich Medina on The Mind Fluid Boat Party Friday Afternoon
6. Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto (Dimitri From Paris “Inna disco” Mix) (Warner 2013)
As played By Dean Sunshine Smith on The Soul Stage on Saturday night
7. Terry Hunter Ft. Jay Adams - We Are One (The HHA Edit) (Unreleased 2014)
As played by Martin Lodge on the Beach Stage Sunday evening
9. Audiowhores - No Honey (Deep Vibe Mix) (Toolroom 2014)
As played by Steve Butler on the Beach Stage Sunday evening
10. Heavyhandz - Light Is New (Deeper Shades Recordings 2014)
As played by Ben Brophy on the Beach Stage Thursday evening

Hour TWO
1. Horace Silver - Enchantment (The Atjazz RE-Roll Mix) (Unreleased 2014)
As played by Martin Atjazz on the Picnic Boat and Beach Stage Monday afternoon/evening
2. Oveous Maximus - iPoem (Digital Humans) (Unreleased 2014)
As played by Osunlade at Barbarellas and The Altered States “Ron Tent” session
3. Heavy K - The Gun Song (BBE 2013)
As played by Osunlade on the Beach Stage, The Altered States “Ron Tent” session and at Barbarellas
4. Kentphonik - Sunday Showers (Soul Candi Blue 2007)
As played by Johnny Miller on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
4. Louie Vega Ft Axel Tosca - Sunlight (Vega Records 2014)
As played by Ron Trent during The Altered States “Ron Tent” session and Barbarellas
5. Frederick - Over You (Fifty Fathoms Deep 2014)
As played by Craig Smith during the Altered States “Ron Tent” Session Sunday Afternoon.
6. Martin Iveson - To Many (Less Than Ten 2014)
As played by Julian Gomes on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
7. P.M Project, D-Malice - Sounds Of Soul (Soul Candi 2014)
As played by Culoe De Song on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
8. Black Coffee Ft. Bucie - Superman (Soulistic Music 2010)
As played by Black Coffee on The South Africa Sessions Boat Party Sat eve
9. Karizma - Twyst this (R2 Records 2012)
As played by Julian Gomes on the South Africa Sessions Boat Party sat eve

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM 06.04.14 Jazz Club Special!
April 07, 2014 10:00 AM PDT
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Its a Jazz Club special on The Mucho Soul Show this week with an exclusive interview with Jazz Dance DJ legend Paul Murphy and I.D.J leader and founder Jerry Barry all taking place in our second hour. Before that, Ket takes care of bizniz with an hours selection which includes new House music from Kaiser Souzai, Sunchaser and Robot Needs Oil. There's also new material from the wonderful Delusions Of Grandeur label for Franc Spangler plus a touch of nouveau Soul courtesy of Frederick and music from Belgium’s new star in the making Melanie De Biasio. We couldn’t let the week pass without mentioning the loss of Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles who sadly passed away last week so we pay tribute with a very rare Frankie Fav. Lifted from a tape recording of Frankie Knuckles playing live at The Sound Factory on the morning of August 4th 1991 this is his unreleased 6am Mirror Ball version of The Sound Of Blackness and The Pressure with Ann Nesby giving it her all in stunning almost accapella style! If you haven’t heard this before you’re in for a real Frankie treat!
Al's second hour is a London Jazz Dance floor feast! Last week saw the release of “Return Of Jazz Club” a brand new compilation via BGP from Paul Murphy so to coincide, we feature an exclusive interview special with Alan in conversation with Paul Murphy and Jerry Barry. It’s a fascinating trip back to the Jazz clubs of London in the 1980’s as Paul and Jerry share anecdotes of The Wag, Jaffas at The Horseshoe and of course The Electric Ballroom. There’s tracks from the new album including music from Eddie Jefferson, Sonny Rollins and Johnny Lytle and much much more plus signature famed Murphy favs from Working Week, Barbara Carroll and Art Blakey and Jazz dance floor fillers from Alphonse Mouzon, Jay Hoggard, Lonnie Smith and Judy Roberts. A Jazz head essential download. Enjoy.

Hour One with Ket Shah
1. Frederick – What Can It Be (Fifty Fathoms Deep 2014)
2. Melanie De Biasio - I'm Gonna Leave You (BEG 2014)
3. The Sounds Of Blackness – The Pressure (Frankie Knuckles 6am Sound Factory Mirror Ball Version)(Unreleased)
4. Lee Fields & The Expressions - Just Can't Win (Truth & Soul 2014)
5. Wayne Brown and the Virtual Jazz Band - Goodbye Stranger (Virtual Media 2014)
6. Kaiser Souzai - Get 2 Ghetto (Sullivan Room 2014)
7. Sunchaser - I Dont Wanna Let Go (Springbok 2014)
8. Franc Spangler - Painted Lady (Delusions Of Grandeur 2014)
9. Bartellow - Raw Material (Cityfly Records 2014)
10. Robot Needs Oil - Morelho (Gratza Mix)(Antura 2014)

Hour Two D.J A.K.A in conversation with Paul Murphy & Jerry Barry (I.D.J)
1. Kenny Burrell Ft. Brother Jack McDuff’s Quartet - Grease Monkey (Prestige 1963)*
2. Freddie McCoy - Spider Man (Prestige 1965)*
3. Barbara Carroll - From The Beginning (United Artists 1977)
4. Lonnie Smith - Straight To The Point (Groove Merchant 1975)
5. Johnny Lytle - Pedro Strodder (Riverside 1964)*
6. Willie Rodriguez Jazz Quartet - Flatjacks (Riverside 1964)*
7. Eddie Jefferson - Filthy McNasty (Prestige 1968)*
8. Sonny Rollins - St. Thomas (Prestige 1956)*
9. The New Dave Pike Set Ft Grupo Baiafro In Bahia - Samba De Rhoda (MPS 1972)
10. Baaska & Scavelli - Get Off The Ground (a.k.a The Bottom End) (M&K Sound 1976)
11. The Judy Roberts Band - Never Was Love (Inner City 1979)
12. The Red Garland Trio - Manteca (Prestige 1958)*
13. Working Week ‎– Venceremos (We Will Win) (Paladin 1984)
14. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - A Night In Tunisia (Blue Note 1960)
15. Alphonse Mouzon - Just Because Of You (Pausa Records 1981)
16. Jay Hoggard - Sao Paolo (Contemporary 1981)
17. Art Farmer Septet - Mau Mau (Prestige 1956)*
18. Billy Taylor Trio Ft. Candido - Mambo Inn (Prestige 1954)*

* All available on the album “Paul Murphy Presents The Return Of Jazz Club”
Dancefloor Classics From The Original Jazz Dance DJ (BGP 2014)
In stock now at:

Mucho Soul Show Back2Back FM Sunday 08.09.13 Karizma Interview Special
September 09, 2013 10:32 PM PDT
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This weeks Mucho Soul show features another of our popular interviews with D.J, producer and remixer Karizma! Al and Ket sit down with Kris Klayton to discuss his new album released earlier this week via R2 Records "Wall Of Sound". They also look back at his time as one of the originators of The Baltimore Club Scene, his early production days working with The Basement Boys, his prolific partnership with DJ Spen and of course his recent collaborations with Martin Atjazz, Osunlade and Sean McCabe amongst others.
Before the Karizma interview theres also another sixty minute soulful selection of fine upfront music from Ket including new material from John Legend and Raheem DeVaughn, a new release from Tru Thoughts for The Bamboos plus Fast Eddie, CeCe Peniston, a new release from Atjazz Recordings and a whole lot more!
We also have a couple of signed copies of the new Karizma album up for grabs this week, so listen carefully to the interview and if you can tell us the name of the artist who inspired Karizma's debut solo track "The Power" back in 1999 you'll be in with a chance of winning an exclusive signed "Wall Of Sound" double CD. Just drop us an email at with your answer and postal address and the 2 x winners will be pulled from a hat later this week. Good luck and enjoy the show!

Mucho Soul Radio Show 08.09.13
Hour One with Ket Shah
John Legend - So Gone (Columbia 2013)
Raheem DeVaughn - Make A Baby (Mass Appeaal Ent 2013)
The Bamboos - I Don't Wanna Stop (Tru Thoughts 2013)
Chymamusique - Surrounded By Love (Chymamusiq 2013)
Stefano Ritteri - The Partylife (Exploited 2013)
Evan Rhodes Ft. Clara Grun - Universal Mode (Sampled Recs 2013)
Fast Eddie & Cece Peniston - Get To Steppin (S&S Recs 2013)
Fromwood - Postcard (Atjazz Record Co 2013)
And.Id - No More Words (Mobilee Recs 2013)
Claptone Ft. JAW – No Eyes (Kyodai Remix) (Exploited 2013)

Hour two D.J A.K.A & Ket Shah in conversation with Karizma
Karizma - Early Rize (R2 Records 2009)
Donny Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy (ATCO 1972)
Three Fierce Divaz - Sweet Love (Spen & Karizma Mix) (Basement Boys 1999)
Sticky People - Kong (Karizma's Goin' Bananas Mix) (Nuclheadz 1998)
Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It (Trax 1986)
Jasper Street Company - Temptation (Basement Boys 1998)
Mary J Blige - Beautiful (DJ Spen & Karizma Mix) (White 1999)
Cajmere - Brighter Days (DJ Spen & Karizma Deepah Dub Mix) (Cajual 2011)
Jasper Street Company - Smile (DJ Spen & Karizma Mix) (Basement Boys 2000)
Shazz - La Seine (F Communications 1996)
Karizma - The Power (Black Vinyl 1999)
Karizma - The Power (DJ Spinna Acid Row Mix) (R2 Records 2012)
Karizma - Kaytrolude (R2 Records 2009)
Exist - Looking At Blue (Atjazz Astro Dub) (R2 Records 2013)
Karizma - Deeper Than You Know (R2 Records 2013)*
Karizma - Sense Of it All (R2 Records 2013)*
Karizma Ft. Osunlade - Hear and Now (R2 Records 2013)*
Karizma Ft. Sean McCabe - A set Purpose (R2 Records 2013)*
Karizma Ft. Rokaz - Off The Wall (R2 Records 2013)*
* All available on the new R2 album "Karizma - Wall Of Sound"

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